Parenting Fails

The Good, The Bad… and all the in between!

I find it… ironic that my last post, 3 months ago, started out mentioning the article, ‘To the husband whose wife seems angry’…  because boy oh BOY have I had some challenging days! So first, I’d just like to say… everyone is alive. If there is one thing that I’d like to ‘teach’ in this ‘Parenting… Continue reading The Good, The Bad… and all the in between!


I have declared my potty training years OVER. My fourth, and final child (unless by some HILARIOUS chance God pulls a really REALLY big joke on us, or we adopt), is potty trained. And the heavens opened…. revealing the glory of NO MORE DIAPERS!!! Now, in my 9.5 years of marriage, I have had kids… Continue reading