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Changing Expectations

For the past couple months, we (hubby and I) have been planning a weekend getaway. We’ve also had a financial bombshell go off in our laps… which seemed to leave my husband wavering about cancelling our trip. I was unswayed.

As a mom, I sincerely needed a break! We even found an affordable hotel room with a Jacuzzi tub- plus, it was already in the budget! So we went… and I’ve just go to tell you, it was the best, most relaxing time we have had together in a long time… and it made me question… why? Why was this trip suddenly so relaxing, when past trips… not so much?

A changed expectation… from me.


I half hate to admit this… but I’m a bit spoiled. And when I ‘getaway’- I REALLY want to get- away! I don’t want to cook, I don’t want to do laundry, I don’t want to clean, and I REALLY don’t want to watch my pennies. I want to just enjoy… and deal with that fall out when I get home!

Except… I do always hate the fallout of spending too much money… and it always makes the trip seem ‘not worth it’, and I know it stresses my hubby even more.

So… this weekend, when we headed out, I prayed we would have an enjoying and relaxing time, and I determined to stay within our budget for the trip (plus some little $$ I had set aside and said we would use for the trip). I was determined to not add to the stress of the financial bombshell that awaited us at home. I was determined to MAKE DO and be THANKFUL we even got to get away!

Yes I had to be mindful to only buy two of the four blouses I wanted… and no, we didn’t eat at the fanciest restaurants… but we seriously ENJOYED ourselves and perhaps more importantly… we relaxed.

It amazes me how, once settled in our minds, we can do just about anything. It amazes me that just a little prayer, was answered.

So what else can we accomplish if we just change our perspective? Instead of saying ‘this is the ONLY way I can relax and enjoy myself’, or ‘this is the ONLY way this can be done!’, what if we change that to say, ‘what can I do differently to reach this goal?’ or ‘how can I think about this differently in order to be more appreciative of what I DO have?’

So maybe all we need… is a little change in our expectations. Maybe, just maybe, we need to un-spoil ourselves.

Oh… and our vacation budget? We had $23.47 left over.  🙂

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