Parenting Fails

Potty Training Retake

To be honest… I don’t want to write this post. And I do… because maybe, just maybe, someone will glean some encouragement from knowing they are not alone on this mom journey.

In January, I declared my potty training days over. I think I jinxed myself.

My no-more-diaper days lasted approximately 2-3 weeks. Then things started going bad… really bad. The younger two started having nightmares from an xbox game the other kids were playing… and my baby fully reverted back to only training pants. No more big boy undies for him.


And… It. Was. Awful.


To be liberated from the diaper stage… and then revert back in a matter of weeks was completely disheartening! (To be clear, the Xbox game wasn’t scary from our perspective… so we didn’t even think much about it. Until the nightmares started. Then it was too late.)


So here we are… 7 months later, and giving it another attempt because in ONE day, I had changed SIX poopy diapers. SIX. 6.  It was insane. So we are trying again… and as far as #1, he’s peeing on the potty like a big boy and doing GREAT. But #2? well… not so much. So today- if anyone needs me- I’ll be at home. Making him sit on the potty for as long as it takes to have a bowel movement on the potty.


Why is this so hard? I know people say (including me because it worked the first time around soooo well!) ‘wait till they are ready, they’ll let you know’… but seriously, after the amount of $$ we were spending in training pants for him, enough was enough! Potty training is for the birds y’all! But… if we can just persevere, and get rid of the ‘elimination hesitation’- we will have conquered this chapter!


In the mean time, have a potty training tip (especially for those who won’t go #2 on the potty or hardly at all…)??? Leave a comment!

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