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A New Year… 2018

Well, a new year is here- not a moment to lose! Has everyone made their ‘resolution’ list? How about goals?

Personally, I don’t make ‘resolutions’ exactly. I normally set a few goals… but after looking over my list from last year, and realizing I accomplished 0.5 out of 3 goals… yeah. I wasn’t sure what to do… or think! I’m already SO busy with… LIFE! I’ve got four kids, homeschooling 2.5 of them (the .5 is child #3 who is learning ABC’s and 123’s, etc.), potty training the youngest, one two different homeschool committee’s, Choir director at church, Sunday School teacher every other month at church, run my daughter to piano lessons, starting up a farm stead and… yeah. You get the point.

But isn’t that just the point? We are ALL B-U-S-Y. Anytime you talk to just about anyone, what do they say, ‘I’m busy!’ Life just never slows down… or does it?

This past week I listened to this podcast. Theresa, mentioned spending even just 10 minutes a day on your goal ADDS UP… and before you know it, you’ve spent 30+ minutes a week, working on your goal… when you initially felt like you had NO TIME to work on something new! And my lightbulb went ON!157555686934780114_0KjOQpyX_c

I’ve decided to take this advice to heart! I’ve already set a timer on my phone for a set time each afternoon (durning naptime) to exercise… and you know what? This week I actually exercised for 50-60 minutes! I know that’s not much… but for me- that’s huge. Exercise is simply something that I didn’t feel like I had time for. But now, I’m making the time. There will be other things I’ll probably start setting reminders for, other little 10-15 minute segments to learn or do… now how about you? What’s a goal that you haven’t been able to make happen? Maybe it’s been on your list for YEARS… isn’t it time to take a step, a tiny little step, in the right direction to make those goals happen?!?!?!


Love, A Musing Mom

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