When it all happens at once…

You know the saying, ‘when it rains-it pours’? Life just does seems to be that way… I’m sitting in my living room, which has suddenly became me the ‘sick ward’ in our house.

4 hours ago everyone was healthy… that quickly changed to 4/6 with upset stomachs… which rapidly changed to 2/6 throwing up!

So, I’m sitting here thinking. Thankful I sleep lightly and can be quick on my feet as I swoop up a child, half asleep and starting to heave, off to the bathroom… thankful that my kids no longer stand and scream as they lose their cookies… thankful that when my son threw up on the top bunk- it actually missed his sleeping brothers head down below (but not by much… sorry about your pillow little man). Thankful that when my kids are sick… they want mommy.

No one is standing and screaming in the hallway, while throwing up. Mission accomplished.

checking out for now- this musing mama.

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