So in my last post, I mentioned that I had recorded a new podcast episode… only to have it deleted. That podcast was talking about my word of the year- Peace. So let me just blog for the moment, instead of podcasting.

When I chose ‘Peace’ as my word of the year… I think my motive was perhaps that by simply choosing that word… maybe it would happen? I don’t know. Reflecting halfway thought the year though, I’m certainly not feeling any addition to my storeroom of peace. In fact, it’s been a struggle lately.

Earlier in the summer, the oldest two stayed for a long weekend at their cousins- had a blast, were so sweet when we came to get them, etc. But seriously, once we got them home… they have been horrible. I don’t mean just bad… I mean fussing MORE, whining MORE, fighting MORE.. and LOUD.

Now, I know my sister in law and her household… this is NOT something they picked up from them. But SOMETHING clicked in their brains. So, we’ve been dealing with those attitudes. Additionally, my hubby has moved his home office- to an office in town. This has been great in many regards… saving the sanity department. When things used to get kinda crazy, daddy would step in. Now… daddy isn’t here to step in. So… we are kinda finding our ‘new routine’ and such again. Add to this ‘mix-up’ the fact that baby #4 has decided to attack anyone and everyone! He does it when he’s happy, and when he’s mad. He just launches his fists at any part of you he can get at!

I’m also dealing with drama at our homeschooling co-op. And packing for a vacation. And did I mention I have a wedding to coordinate in August?

In the midst of all this crazy, a great friend of mine recommend the book //ws-na.amazon-adsystem.com/widgets/q?ServiceVersion=20070822&OneJS=1&Operation=GetAdHtml&MarketPlace=US&source=ac&ref=qf_sp_asin_til&ad_type=product_link&tracking_id=mymot09-20&marketplace=amazon&region=US&placement=1933858141&asins=1933858141&linkId=ce2f9ce5081065cb92cd7214708748e2&show_border=true&link_opens_in_new_window=true&price_color=333333&title_color=0066c0&bg_color=ffffff” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Lies Homeschooling Moms Believe . Talk about timely and hilarious! Todd talks about the struggles, and they are real, that homeschool moms face… and they are so obvious, you end up laughing at yourself. This is an affiliate link, but I HIGHLY recommend this book- truthfully, even if you don’t homeschool… you will find the laughter in it, just as a mom. Todd talks about how if you believe something long enough, even though it’s a LIE, you will begin to believe it. So we have to be careful what we give our ear to.

  • When we’re having that bad… stinking rotten day, is it a bad life? No, just a bad moment.
  • When someone tries to attack your character or motives, does that really define you? No- while they might influence some against you for a SEASON, the truth will come out in the end, because character shines through.
  • When your kid pitches a fit in the middle of the sermon about parenting (yes, this seriously happened to me this weekend)… have you failed as a parent? Do you have horrible children? No- your job simply isn’t finished, and that child still has more to learn about what is and isn’t acceptable.
  • When your husband doesn’t even think to buy you a birthday card, or even write a note- does it mean he doesn’t love you and your marriage stinks? Ha! No-way! Because if he’s like mine, he comes home at the end of the day with flowers, sees you’ve had a bad day and takes you to the only open pizza joint in town, kids in tow, because there’s no time to get a sitter and he doesn’t want you to have to cook or clean up the mess on your birthday! (Thanks baby! XO!)

So often we really have to choose what we are willing to give ear to, what we are willing to believe. Think about it. When you’re husband gets his words tangled and says the wrong thing by mistake, how do you take it? Do you take what he says and allow yourself to hurt (and he’s wondering what he did to upset you…)? Or do you stop and think about the heart of the matter- would he really hurt you intentionally?

So really, in my quest for ‘peace’, perhaps it’s my mindset that needs to change… not my curcumstance. 2017-05-30 19.52.21

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