Has it really been since FEBRUARY that I did a podcast? How is that possible? There has been SO many things to talk about, to talk endlessly about… So where do I start?

Oh… I know. I actually DID sit down and record a podcast a month or two ago (I really can’t remember when it was). Had the entire podcast ALMOST ready, just had to add my fade out music. So can you guess what happened? Yeah, I lost the file. Computer went to sleep and deleted the podcast. Sigh.

So perhaps I’ll simply to to explain what’s been happening around here…
Had 18 chickens… 2 have died
Had 2 bottle fed baby Lamancha goats… both bucks. One, Oreo (and my favorite) died. I did almost cry over him. We now have a little buck- Cinnamon, and a full gown doe- Toast. Get it? When they give us a kid, we will name him Toasteedo. You’re welcome.
4 Turkeys.
Corn. Green beans. Zucchini. Spaghetti Squash. Yellow Squash. Red Potatoes. White Potatoes. Onions… or Leeks… I forget. Watermelon. Cantaloupe. Peppers. Tomatoes. Sweet Potatoes.
Homeschooling. Officially we have to inform the school board this year that we are doing this because of our oldest turning halfway though the school year. I’m not overly concerned. In fact, at this present moment… I’m feeling pretty smug that my baby girl (who is 7 btw), can read chapter books, multiply, and knows what fractions are. Ok, actually… I’m thankful. Because I really had to pray I would be able to teach this stuff. I think God really taught them, or gave them sponges for brains. Because my 5 (almost 6 year old) is doing SECOND GRADE MATH Y’ALL! For real- I was STOKED about this. I’m a totally proud mama over here.

Oh- and Did I mention we live in paradise???


2017-06-24 20.43.13

More later. I promise.

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