2015 In Review…


Another year almost over, a new one about to begin… and it’s time to reflect!

A few goals accomplished… ambitions achieved… and a dream brought to fruition! The flip side is… I didn’t accomplish all of my goals. But I’m ok with that. Do you know what 2015 brought me? A new, unexpected child! Abnormal cells that the doctors found in 2014- decided to switch back to being normal in 2015 (after a lot of prayer!)! A fun hobby turned micro business that paid for my 2015 ‘dream’ (a mini mommy retreat of just ME, MYSELF, and I!).

2015 was a good year. 2015 was a scary year. 2015, like any other year, had it’s ups and it’s downs. I met some goals, I failed at others. Take time to allow yourself to acknowledge your goal failures- but then embrace and be proud of the goals you accomplished, and of the blessings you were given!

It doesn’t matter who you are, you had rough patches in your year.

It doesn’t matter who you are, you had AWESOME patches in your year. Embrace them both- Reflect, Learn, Embrace, Grow.

As 2016 is about to begin- set your new goals. Some might be ‘old’ goals, and that’s ok. Take the time to figure out how to make those things happen! You only live once- So live well! Happy New Year Everyone!


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