Busy- A Poem for Young Mothers

DSC_0021A new day came, and I knew from the start,
that this day would be busy and so full of work.
Work as a mother, just never seems to end…
so your day starts, and you rush right in.
The baby starts crying, so out of bed you hop-
your feet it the floor, not a moment to stop.
Next comes the breakfast, those hungry mouths you must feed…
you have to work fast, or messes will take the lead.
After breakfast there’s dishes and messes to clean up-
what’s that over there? Oh- the toddler threw up.
Now there’s clothes to wash, school work to do…
and before you know what’s happened lunch is even through.
Hurry up now young mother- there’s not a moment to spare…
for soon the baby will need a bit more care.
‘It’s naptime!’ you say with relief-
for this day has already given much grief.
With the young ones down, maybe now you can sit-
pray to your Lord and read for a bit.
But wait, what’s that you just heard?
The alarm on the washer? This is getting absurd!
So you rush down the stairs to take care of the load-
only to be distracted by toys strewn in the road.
You’re so busy, there’s so much to do…
so many things calling ‘I need attention’ to you.
In a tizzy you grab the laundry and have it all up-
before those wrinkles get in and cause you more work.
Now back to the sofa- ‘this time I will sit and read’, you think…
but nothing else seems to take heed.
For now the baby is back awake…
never once realizing that mommy needs a break.
So again you get busy, trying to entertain-
a child who just keeps right on crying in vain.
Frustrated now, for the works half done-
the dishes never got finished, this day you’ve not won.
Rush rush rush, busy busy busy. So many things to do…
it makes you dizzy.
Now young Mother lets pause, and think this day through…
perhaps there’s a better plan you could pursue.
When first you wake to the baby’s small cry, instead of rushing in-
give this a try.
Drop to your knees, and ask your father above-
for direction and guidance… and his sweet love.
That He will lead you, and help you- and give those children HIS care-
and that through you the gospel of Peace He will share.
God has your day in the palm of his hand…
he knows that you’re busy- but seek HIS plan!
Show your children God’s love,
by being able to test your words on a grace-filled tongue.
Don’t start in with a rush, your day all askew-
instead take the time and ask God what to do.
It doesn’t have to be long- but seek him first.
Seek him often, and put him first.
Matthew 6:33 KJV- “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.

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