Co-Op Classes

Co-Op Class: Where in the WORLD am I? Part II


Let me start off by first saying- Oops! When we started the Where in the WORLD am I? class with talking about ourselves, we actually read Dr. Seuss’ Oh The Places You’ll Go book! I have read, and re-read, and re-read this book so many times. I’ll be the first to admit- this is more of an adult book than a child’s. Just sayin…

Now, anyway, back to the class! After addressing Me, My Family, My House, My Neighborhood, we moved to:

My State- There are so many resources that you can find that are state specific! I chose K Is for Keystone: A Pennsylvania Alphabet (Discover America State by State)to talk about our great state of Pennsylvania. This book was PERFECT for the age level I was teaching, very well illustrated, and fun! We also made our flipbook page which consisted of a coloring page of the state flag, the name and nickname of our state. I also created a ‘scramble page’ similar to these Gallopade Publishing Group Pennsylvania Symbols and Facts Fun Sheet – Pack of 30 (9780635062826)– I would have just BOUGHT the placemats but… did I mention I’m a homeschooling mom… of four? Yeah, I plan 95% of my life last minute. So… they wouldn’t have gotten to me in time. Anyway, my scramble page turned out pretty cute, thanks to Microsoft Publisher!

My Country- For our flipbook page, we had the students cut out the United States of America, color in their state, and glue them into the book. Next we read A is for America . For the craft, we created American Flags! We used blue construction paper, and glued red and white pipe cleaners for the stripes, and had star stickers. The students turned out well… mine? Not so much…

My Continent- I found this one a little tricky. So we started with simply coloring and gluing our continent onto our flipbook page. Next we talked about our neighbors to the north and south (Canada and Mexico), and we colored a page with all three flags (Canada, USA, Mexico) on it.

My World- This was fun! I had picked up a thick cardboard ‘World’ map outline- about 3’x5′- at a homeschool bookstore for about $5. So we talked about all the continents in the world, all seven, we colored the World Map as a group, we also (ofcourse) made our flipbook page, and then we played a game. I don’t know the real name of the game, so I’ll call it, ‘Left, Right, Left’. Essentially, I typed up the ‘story’ of how I drove to co-op… turning left here… right there and then right… etc. Each time the student heard left, they passed the prize to the left. When they heard right, they passed it right. Simple enough, right? Well… with 2/3 of the students not knowing right from left… it was interesting! But we eventually made it! It was excellent in trying to get them to understand direction- North, South, East, West. If you have older students, you could easily make this more complicated, but it was a LOT of fun. We also created these (from Mrs. T’s ):


My Galaxy: Now, I have to admit- I didn’t think this one through. When I realized that I said ‘Galaxy’… well, there’s just not that much out there on the subject for little guys and gals! Finally, after doing some research we ended up with an awesome ending to the class! We made chalk drawings of our Galaxy to glue into our books:


After talking about our Galaxy a smidgin, I trained our focus onto our solar system! I found some awesome video’s to share with the kids over at Answers in Genesis. Next came the game! I’m all about keeping these restless little people from going stir crazy! This was called, the Toilet Paper Game. It wasn’t really a game, but rather an activity. You will need a roll of toilet paper, then you have the children be the ‘planets’, and measure their distance from the sun. Here is a chart to assist you:

SolarSystem… and that was the end! I enjoyed putting the class together, and I was able to learn a few things as well!

Now, what about you? What awesome co-op classes, or unit study classes have you taught? Thanks in advance for sharing- and for reading! 🙂

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