Co-Op Class: Where in the WORLD am I? Part I

So we’ve started on this venture called… homeschooling. We are technically a ‘second-generation’ homeschooling family. I was homeschooled from 7th grade – 12th grade and… I loved it! So, once we decided we were homeschooling our children, I knew I wanted to join a homeschool group and co-op classes! That was something I didn’t do as a homeschooler, and wished I had.

So this semester, we were no longer ‘the new family’, and I had to teach a class at co-op. With great anticipation and excitement I chose my subject and age range. Where in the WORLD am I? was the title I gave my class… so every Thursday morning it was announced, ‘Where am I?’ line up over there…’ and everyone got a chuckle (corny, I know).

This class was designed with much help from Pinterest and getting creative on my own, and I have to say… I was very pleased! We talked about how we are each different (me), how we all have our family, and how we live in a house (or apartment, etc.), which is in a neighborhood, which is in a state, which is in a country, that country is on a continents with neighbors, that continent is in our world (planet Earth), and our planet is in a galaxy! Each student went home with a ‘Flipbook’ like this at the end of the 9 weeks:


I spent a TON of time putting this together, so I thought I’d try to share the resources, etc. that I used… I hope it helps someone!

Me: We made an ‘All About Me‘ page, and did our ‘self portraits’ on the front of our flipbooks! This was really interesting, as we had ages 3-8 in the class. A few students are very artistic, and some of the ‘about me’ things the kids said were so funny! One child said ‘when I grow up I want to be a mermaid’! We also read the book Me on the Map (Dragonfly Books)
which was perfect for what I was trying to get across!

My Family: For this session, we again did ‘self portraits’, but this time included our other family members. For the craft we made ‘Thankful Trees’. My thought was, a craft they could make in class, but take home and have each family member write something they were thankful for on the sticker leaves (with Thanksgiving coming up). Here is a picture of one of ours,  DSC_0006

you can find a tutorial here.

My House: I chose talking about our house for a few reasons; some lived on farms, some in town, etc. So we all had different kinds of housing that we live in. This was probably one of my favorites. We made these houses:


and we did our drawing of our house in our flipbooks ofcourse! We also read If You Lived Here: Houses of the World
, which was a great book!

My Neighborhood: Now, I chose neighborhood for similar reasons as choosing my house- we all live in different neighborhoods. I wanted to do what county we lived in… but being a co-op, we had several counties present! For this, we did a little maze for inside their flipbook (to be completed at home), and we talked about different things in our communities (firefighters, police officers, library, parks, etc.)- then we created our own neighborhood! We rolled out a long roll of white paper (This kind), then gave the kids stickers and crayons, and they did the rest!

There were so many FUN options for doing this class! At times it was hard knowing what to go with. I only had 60 minutes MAX to get everything completed, and we used almost exactly the time allotted each week! Check back soon to see part II of this Co-Op class material!

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