Blog? What Blog?

Seriously- where does the time go? I never once truly forgot about you my sweet little blog, I simply… put you on the back burner. Why? Because… life happens. Kids happen… then more kids happen. Yeah, more kids. With the latest arrival of baby #4, I can officially say… life happened!

But now that we are getting a semblance of a routine, I think it’s safe to blog again! So, a few random things…

  1. I’ve been studying I Corinthians 13 about Love… as it pertains to parenting. So much to glean from this passage! Such an important mission field God gives us, when he grants our desire for children.
  2. We did ‘part-time’ homeschooling over the past year… now we are about to launch into full time homeschooling! A bit scary, a bit exciting… We started with Explode the Code Book Series, so far we are enjoying it! I believe I have my curriculum picked out for this school year- stay tuned!
  3. I’ve set up a ‘Daily Schedule’ to try to restore order in my chaotic home with four children 5 and under! Last week nearly did me in…
  4. I was searching online for a really good, through character study type devotional for kids and found this one from Kids of Integrity and really like all the ideas they give you!

Well, I could keep going on and on… but then I’d be rambling! 🙂 So until next time…


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