Chap stick… Glue stick… eh, same thing!

This evening I was busy getting dinner on the table… wait. Allow me to rewind.

My children have been obsessed with chap stick lately. My daughter now carries her little purse around, and of course she needed girlie things in it. So I reminded her of her chap stick. So for the last week, as soon as she puts some chap stick on… son #2 comes running to get his put on. They actually forgot about it for a few days because I put it out of sight (it was missing the lid). Until Sunday. The lid was found, and… here we go again!

Back to this evening. I’m in the kitchen working on dinner, I’ve heard son #2 mention he was using the chap stick a few times… finally I’m thinking ‘OK, he’s probably got it smeared ALL OVER HIS FACE by now, better go grab it’. As I turn towards him, I’m seeing this rather large ‘chap stick’… get closer and… yes, yes he was. GLUING HIS LIPS SHUT.

OK- so ha-ha, not gluing his lips shut, but he was totally using the glue stick as his chap stick… and he’d been doing it for awhile. Trying not to laugh at this irony, I tell him to go wash his mouth off.

I mean this:


TOTALLY looks similar enough to this:



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