Feeding a Crowd!

It’s Graduation time for a few of my friends, so this weekend has found me feeding a crowd!

While feeding a decent sized crowd (between 75-100 people) isn’t exactly new to me, each time I do it… I learn something new- and try to learn from any mistakes I made.

First, I enjoy serving people- immensely! So I quickly offer to feed crowds without a moments hesitation. Frankly- it’s insane at times! But I truly love it! It’s helped me learn to be a better leader, a more patient person (uh… maybe not with my kids, but with other people), and it gives me a chance to do something that I love to do!

So… This weekend, we had a graduation party at church. I signed up for taking care of the food- planned for 50 people, but actually fed 35ish. Things were a bit crazy… but over all, went well. It was an ‘English Tea’ setting, with a group game of CLUE. Here was the menu:

menu The Chilled Cantaloupe Soup was… different. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. It would be wonderful if the recipe called for sugar to be added in though.


Here’s the recipe (adapted from www.allrecipes.com )

Chilled Cantaloupe Bisque

Serves 35

6 Cantaloupes, cut into chunks, rind removed

2- 64 ounce Containers of Orange Juice, no pulp

Juice from 3 Lemons

1 1/5 Teaspoons Ground Cinnamon

Mint Leaves, optional

Puree all ingredients, chill for at least an hour. Serve in chilled bowls, garnish with Mint Leaves if desired!

This would make a wonderful alternative for a summer wedding! Very refreshing and unique. Keep checking back for more ‘Crowd Recipes’!

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