So- this year has brought SO MUCH CHANGE! And we are not quite halfway through yet!

The very end of last year I decided to move forward with the ‘idea’ of becoming a Thirty-One consultant. I was excited! I thought I’d be able to break out of my ‘inner-circle’, establish new contacts, make some side cash to help pay off debt, and have FUN! BUT… here’s how it went… I didn’t break out of my ‘inner-circle’, felt like a pest asking friends to have parties, did NOT establish new contacts (except my director who is a sweetie), I only made a little side cash (that did not go to pay off debt), and I didn’t have much fun. I should tell you, I’m a people person (normally), but I’m also a people pleaserNow… if you are a people pleaser, please- do NOT try doing direct sales. Seriously, it just doesn’t work, because you end up giving away almost everything! The very last party I did (I’ve only done 2 true parties and 1 catalog party…) went like this. I felt bad for asking, but asked anyway… the person was excited to give it a try, though she wasn’t sure it would go well. To begin with, I felt bad for asking (already mentioned this, I know), so I gave her a free bag. No biggie. She was only able to get $100 in sales… not even the minimum to make it a ‘party’ and get hostess rewards. So… a quick call to my director, and she contributed $67ish to the party… I ended up adding $40 of my own to get to the $200 mark… do you know what that $40 went towards? A few smaller items that I’ll use, but the BIG thing was… ANOTHER FREE BAG TO MY HOSTESS… because… you guessed it! I felt bad asking. Seriously- that’s how bad I felt. Needless to say, after this, my hubs looked at me and said, ‘I just don’t think this line of selling is for you…’. Like, FOR REAL! I just like people to much to ask them to keep spending their money trying to make my business work for me.

Now, moving on, I dabbled in selling online. eBay, Amazon, and Amazon’s FBA program. I even got my Mother-in-law on board because, I was selling stuff and making money!

In the mean time, I had lunch with a very special lady. This friend was very successful as a Direct sales lady in Home Interiors. VERY successful. So I had wanted to pick her brain. During the lunch, I cried… telling her ‘I want to be more than just a mommy though’… and she would be patient an encourage me that my mission field, my goal was my children. You know, those creatures who are so sweet, then so psycho… But, she said she’d pray with me about the online selling business too.

Then vacation came. Hubby and I dreamed together again, in our short mini vacation quiet time away from the kids. But… we didn’t really know for sure how we would reach those goals… we had a loose plan though. A side business of selling online.

You know the funny thing about God? He loves us- He cares for us- He knows our dreams- HE HAS A PLAN.

When we got home from the vacation, we had to run to church for something. It was just us… so I suggested we pray together at the alter and just ask God for his help and guidance. Fast forward to last week… we get two job offers in a week. Did you hear what I said a moment ago? The funny thing about God? HE HAS A PLAN. And it’s not always what we think it should be, or how we want things to go… it’s always so much… better. The job offer we accepted, it was so much better than we could have even asked… could have even dreamed. It will get us to our goals faster than we thought possible. IT WAS THAT GOOD.

So, on Sunday at church, my friend came up and asked, ‘so are we praying about the selling online business still?’ I took her to the side, and told her what God had done… she was so excited and happy for us. Then me, in all my wisdom, mentioned ‘but I’ll probably do it for a hobby on the side’… her reply? ‘Honey, you have a hobby… you have three hobbies. Don’t do it- you will lose money, you won’t make money… I’m telling you, you will lose money.’ She said this as she’s walking into the restroom, leaving me standing there going (out loud like I’ve lost my mind) ‘She’s right… she’s right. When you’re right you’re right… and she’s right!’ Another friend looked at me like ‘Um… ok….’ I just looked back and went ‘She’s right…’ lol and started laughing.

So… God help me… my hobby is my children. Really, it’s not a hobby… it’s a responsibility. I’ll admit, one I’m struggling with somewhat. Because, while I’d NEVER EVER look down on a ‘MOM-chef-Cleaner-Baker-Travel Agent-Super-woman’, for some reason, I’ve tried making myself… more. I don’t really know why… maybe my insecurities… maybe my drive… maybe I’m an over-achiever… but, with the help of God, I’m going to focus on just being a… Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!


5 thoughts on “Learning

  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences! I can relate to so much of it (including being a people pleaser who was less than successful at my one fling with direct sales–okay, a more accurate description would be “dismal failure”). Oh well! Focusing on being a mom–that’s where it’s at. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder, and Happy Mother’s Day to you.

  2. It was very refreshing to read this post! I constantly have to remind myself that being “a mom” is okay. I don’t need any additional titles next to my name. “Mommy” is more than enough! 🙂

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