Thirty-One Inspired Cups!

So… I started selling Thirty-One at the beginning of the year, and so far I’ve held two parties and one fundraiser event! I’ve been enjoying myself for the most part, as this is a hobby- not a job for me. So I was searching around on Pinterest and the Internet trying to come up with neat and inexpensive party gifts, when I found a link for making nice looking Travel Cups! People were using the fabric color swatch’s we can buy as consultants, and I LOVED the idea- however! The issue I read about, and found to be true for myself, is that the fabric swatch’s have a grommet that would show… some people recommended using a Thirty-One sticker for over it, but I didn’t really like that idea.

As I continued looking around, I tried a couple different things myself. FINALLY I came up with my end result!


DSC_6398(Please ignore the weird gross stain that is in the window cracks there… not too sure about that… lol)

If you’re a consultant and looking for some awesome gifts for your party, and need help making these, just shoot me a message, and I’ll help you out! I have a few more designs I’m playing around with!

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