Facing Fear

Let me begin by saying… I do not like when I am unable to control a situation that I feel needs controlled. I’m a mama bear. I protect, you know?

Remember my horrible day ? Well, for those who don’t feel like reading about my horrible day, I’ll summarize for you: My children have a complete TERROR of dogs. My daughter is terrified of dogs larger than ‘toy’ breeds. Period. My oldest son is terrified of dogs… PERIOD. No matter their size. Now, I have some friends who have dogs… and one dear friend always has her dogs behind a gate at her house when she watches my children (she LOVES my kids and is the sweet grandmotherly type 🙂 ).

Now, yesterday, Hubby and I had planned an all day date away from the kids… and my grandmotherly friend had to back out from watching the kids… so I looked to another friend, who was completely fine with it. However… this friend has a Boxer. A very sweet boxer, but… a D-O-G. One that is larger than either of my children. I knew this… but I didn’t really consider this as a problem (I think I just blocked it out because frankly… I needed the break ).

When we arrived, the dog was relaxing on the chair, ofcourse gets excited because we are there… but my friend was making the dog stay put in the chair. And he obeyed very VERY well… the kids were still nervous. My middle child starts crying…  And I could tell my oldest was getting nervous, but trying not to flip out. I had talked with them about this before hand… so she was trying.

Well, when we started to leave the one time, the dog just simply got down off the chair, and my daughter FLIPPED. She screamed that terrorized scream… but at least she didn’t try to run this time. I had reminded her in the car that we could pray and ask God to help us when we are afraid, and that it can be ‘Oh God- please help me!’, that it didn’t have to be the get-on-your-knees kind of prayer. So… when she screamed I went to her and asked if she wanted to pray- she did. So I gathered my precious bundles and we prayed together quickly that God would help them with the fear of the dog. At this point, hubby is trying to get me to leave… so I leave, and promptly start crying in the car. Leaving my children, when I know they are scared… well… made me kinda sick. However… I knew their fear was unfounded… I knew they were truly safe… and I knew it would be good for them and help them to deal with their fear. So, down the road I cried and prayed. Prayed that God would help me with MY fear of the fact that… I can’t place my children in a bubble. They have to deal with their fears, just like I have to deal with mine. Obviously it’s different, but I knew this would help them.

After a few hours, I went to upload a photo to Instagram and saw my friend had posted a picture on there of my kids- Totally happy, healthy and doing just fine. In fact, my youngest, who obviously is too young to know what fear is, was actually talking to the dog… which probably helped the other two.

Jon Acuff has a saying, ‘Punch Fear In The Face’. I was proud of my little family and the fear was punched yesterday with God’s help! I also realize this is a training time as well, to teach the children to trust God. God has seen me through some dark times, and has been faithful to me… I want to pass that onto my children as well.

So… go punch some fear in the face!

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