Just a reminder…

Recently I was talking with someone about a subject, and she encouraged me to look at what I had… not at what I’d lost.

What’s funny is, I wasn’t intentionally looking ‘behind’ me. But I was doing just that. I had a perfectly awesome thing (person) right in front of me… but all I could seem to focus on was the disappointments of the past.

Isn’t it funny how that seems to be the case, too often. Obviously not funny as in, ha-ha… but funny as in weird. Why do we do that? We start to look in our past about things and people who have hurt us… let us down… stolen something from us, rather than looking ahead at what God has blessed us with!

No matter our station in life, we have something to be thankful for… and usually, we have a whole arsenal of blessings! We can focus on the things that drag us down… or… we can focus on those blessings… those people who life us up.

One of my favorite Authors, Andy Andrews, said it best in his book, The Noticer:

‘Stop letting your history control your destiny.’


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