Blessed… and stressed!

Here I am a stay at home mother of 2 beautiful, healthy children. I know I’m blessed, and I know I’m stressed! And a third is on the way!


The ‘moment’ in the day started off fine… I decided to take the kids outside to the shaded sandbox to play for a bit. It’s 79 degrees F, with a real feel of 90. After they were finished with the sandbox, I turned on the new sprinkler for them… all was well until mommy felt we had used enough water (because when you are on public water, it’s not free!), and said, ‘Time to go in!’. Thing 2 started to fuss a smidgin, but quickly got over it… Thing 1… well, a fit insued, with questions of, ‘Mommy why do we have to go in!?!?!? Mommy I’m not done!’ etc. As Thing 1 is fussing, and I’m SURE the neighbors can hear, I feel myself getting more and more frustrated… as I tell Thing 1 to take their shoes off, she stands there, flinging her feet ‘trying’ to get them off… thus throwing mulch, sand, dirt ‘all over’ the entryway.


My frustration rises… I grab her arms and through gritted teeth tell her to sit down to take her shoes off and quit the fit… while the door is still open.


We finally get everyone ready for their naps, I discover that Thing 1, whom I’ve had a horrid time potty training, has stuck her fingers in her backside, and came up finding her had some poopie back there… At this point.. I. AM. DONE. Really, poopie fingers? Poopie anything, and I quickly reach the end of my rope. We get that cleaned up, and Thing 1 and Thing 2 tucked in for a nap, and I realize… my frustration with the shoes and dirt being thrown ‘everywhere’… yeah, it’s kinda my fault. And the guilt sets in.


It dawns on me, I expect my little 3 year old Thing 1 to know that when she takes her shoes off… rather than flinging them everywhere and getting dirt, etc. on the rug, walls, etc… she should SIT DOWN and take them off, makes a LOT smaller mess. And I’m frustrated… frustrated that I overreacted and expected rather than staying calm and teaching.


I think too often it’s easy to overreact and expect rather than to stay calm and teach. So… summing up my frustrations:

1. Stay Calm, and use this as a teachable moment

2. Realize you overreacted, correct what you can, pray for God’s help and guidance.


Embrace God’s chastisement, but not the devil’s guilt.


Psalms 86:11 “Teach me thy way, O Lord; I will walk in thy truth…”

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